7th Grade is a Mood

Going in to trimester 2 wasn't that bad I Gotz all a's and b's (aren't u proud of me). with a 3.33 GPA I was very happy with what I had accomplished. Then we had to change electives. so, I had to go from pear resources to robotics... and let me enlighten you about it.i wanted to be in robotics at the beginning if the school year and very quickly figured out that pear resource was the best elective I had such a connection with the little kids in the class that I worked in to the point that I almost cried when I had to leave. till this day they still stop me to have a conversation when they see me. I am no longer friends with my old best friend as of halloween cuz I desired that I dint need toxic people in my life. i also lost the student counsel race but Idc ill get vice next year, but any way I gtg but I will talk to y'all soon

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