Can I Please Just Geek Out Real Quick!

Most of y'all know that they just released Hamilton the movie and when I tell you I'm obsessed with it, I do me OBSESSED. I have always been a fan of learning history, that is to say as long as I'm not being tested on it in witch case I wouldn't get a bad score I just don't like test, but if you think about it who does. Thats besides the point moving on. I have been a fan of this musical for so long now and I use it as story righting inspiration all the time.

I first Heard the musical on Christmas Eve while on a car ride to my grandparents house with my siblings. My sister was the one playing it and my brother and I didn't comprehend it. In our defense she was playing it from where she left of and it started at the second act, but there was still something catchy about it that we liked. The next time we got in the car with her we asked her to play it. Of course she was laughing at the fact we didn't like it a few nights before but we wanted to hear it now. ever sense then I was hooked.

There was even one year at thanks giving that we were listing to it. the three of us sat at the counter while eating breakfast sing to, "you'll be back" very loudly. My mom was recording while dieting with laugher. As you can see I already loved it before the movie and had always wanted tickets but the movie its the next best thing and I'm not mad about it at all.

I have probably watched it like 10 time already. I ruined it for my family the first time we watched it on the 4th of July though because I know almost every word to the entire thing. so, forgive me it seems like I just did the most with this rant that you didn't ask for but I really just wanted to talk about it. In conclusion Hamilton the musical is amazing and if you can go watch it.


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