Happy New Year!!!

2018 was a year of so many grate things as well as some not so good things (we aren't going to talk about the not so good), but over all it was an amazing year of new beginning for me. from the start of this blog, my podcast, and my new youtube channel (yes, I know I haven't posted very many youtube videos) and so much more. 2018 was an amazing year that came with so many new things a new business, friends and so much more. With every goodbye I said there was another hello in it’s place, a nape for every school day, A frozen grape Gatorade for every track practice, A giant bucket of ice water for every cheer practice, a hand full of red vines for every football game, and a smile for every teardrop I shed. It was a year of new things all around. So, farewell 2018 we had fun and hello 2019 so many adventures to come!

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