The First Day of 7th Grade

So today was my Friday of 7th grade and it made me want to back to 6th so bad. The hole day was  dysfunctional. I got lost going from  6th to 7th per. Also did I forget to mention that my 6th grade teacher moved up to 7th and 8th p.e and math😭. So that meens that I have him three times in one day, cuz last year peouple were saying that he was going to move up to one or the other but  seriously he had to do both. I meen I would have been that bad if he was just the math teacher but he makes us play flag football for p.e sometimes and I hate flag football😡. I still didn’t bring up the fact that the English teacher gave us homework on the first frigen day😧. The one thing that I can’t complain about is that i have a friend in ever class and no enemies😁. Some how after all this complaining I am actually still excited for this new school year. FYI all keep y’all updated😊 the hole year cuz like It can only get better from here ,right😬?.!.? Anyway we get our locks, books, and tables not that long from now,  and ones we get into the hang of things all I need to do is get “A’s” like harde can 7th grad be...

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